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Welcome to Showside : A book by Ian Mcginty

Welcome to Showside

Welcome to Showside : Introduction

In the heart of Showside, an enchanting realm where the ordinary is anything but, we find our intrepid heroes – Kit, Moon, and Belle. Spirited away from the familiar comforts of home, they find themselves in a dimension where the rules of reality bend and twist. It’s a world that dances on the edge of whimsy and danger, where every moment is a step into the unknown.
Here, in this bizarre demon dimension, they encounter Frank. At first glance, he appears as a beacon of hope, a friendly soul in a land of chaos. But Showside is a place of contrasts, where appearances can be deceiving. As quickly as a shadow passes, Frank reveals his true intentions, unleashing a creature of colossal might, a giant monster birthed from the deepest corners of imagination, set to obliterate our heroes.

Welcome to Showside Director: Brian Kaufman

Brian Kaufman, the maestro behind the lens, weaves this tale with a visionary’s eye, crafting scenes that dance between the realms of fantasy and reality, blurring the lines where one ends and the other begins.

Welcome to Showside Writer: Ian McGinty

Ian McGinty, the scribe of this fantastical world, pens a narrative rich with emotion and adventure. His words paint a universe where every line is a brushstroke on the canvas of Showside, bringing to life a story that resonates with the heart of the viewer.


Henry Rollins – A voice that resonates with the depth and gravitas, bringing a layer of intensity to the narrative.
Ian McGinty – Infusing the tale with his unique essence, McGinty adds a dimension of authenticity and passion.
Amanda Kaufman – Her portrayal imbues the story with a sense of realism and emotional depth, grounding the fantastical elements in human experience.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Arrival In this opening act, we witness the first steps of Kit, Moon, and Belle into the enigmatic world of Showside. A gateway opens, drawing them into a realm where reality is but a distant echo.
2 Shadows and Echoes The trio delves deeper into this new world, encountering shadows that whisper secrets of Showside’s past. Echoes of forgotten tales guide them on their journey.
3 The Dance of the Demons Amidst the chaos, a dance of demons ensues. Our heroes find themselves in a ballet of danger and mystery, each step a play between light and dark.
4 Whispers in the Dark As night falls, whispers fill the air. Secrets unfold in the cloak of darkness, revealing hidden truths of this demon dimension and its enigmatic inhabitants.
5 The Heart of Showside At the core of Showside lies a mystery. Here, the trio discovers the heart of this world, pulsating with a power that could be their salvation or doom.
6 Echoes of the Past The past and present collide, as Kit, Moon, and Belle confront the echoes of their own histories, intertwining their fates with the destiny of Showside.
7 The Monster’s Lament Confronting the colossal monster, our heroes hear its lament, a tale of sorrow and loss that resonates with their own struggles in this surreal world.
8 Shadows Unveiled The penultimate chapter unveils the true nature of the shadows that have followed them, revealing allies and foes in unexpected forms.
9 Farewell to Showside In this finale, the journey reaches its climax. A farewell to Showside, where the trio must make choices that will define their destiny and the future of this mystical world.


In the realm of Showside, a narrative unfolds, rich with the hues of adventure and the whispers of the unknown. Here, in this tapestry of tales, we explore the storyline of this enchanting series:

The Prelude: A World Beyond In a quaint corner of existence, our protagonists – Kit, Moon, and Belle – live a life of mundane normality. Yet, destiny, with its mysterious tendrils, beckons them to a journey unforeseen. A rift between worlds opens, a portal to a place where the rules of their world are but echoes.

The Descent into Showside They find themselves in Showside, a realm where the extraordinary is commonplace, and the impossible merely a challenge. This world, vibrant and alive with magic, is also a place of lurking dangers and cryptic beings.

Encounters of the Mysterious Kind In this land of wonders, they meet Frank, a figure shrouded in enigma. Initial encounters, draped in the guise of friendliness, soon unravel to reveal intentions dark and foreboding. Frank, a master of deception, unveils his true nature, commanding a monstrous entity, a behemoth born from the depths of this otherworldly dimension.

The Dance with Danger Our heroes, thrust into this dance with danger, navigate the treacherous landscapes of Showside. Each step is a leap into the unknown, each decision a play in the grand theatre of survival. They encounter beings of all sorts – some kind, others malevolent, all part of the intricate mosaic that is Showside.

The Heart of the Maze As they journey deeper, they discover the heart of this world, a nexus of power that holds the key to their fate and the fate of Showside. Mysteries unravel, histories intertwine, and the very fabric of reality quivers under the weight of their discoveries.

The Echoes of Their Souls In this odyssey, Kit, Moon, and Belle confront not just external adversaries, but the echoes of their own souls. Their fears, hopes, and dreams become intertwined with the destiny of Showside, each revelation a piece of the puzzle that is their identity and purpose.

The Crescendo of Conflict The saga crescendos as the trio faces the monstrous creation of Frank. In this confrontation, truths are laid bare, and the heart of the monster echoes a lament that mirrors their own – a song of loss, hope, and redemption.

The Denouement: Farewell to Showside In the finale, as the curtain falls on their adventure, our heroes stand at a crossroads. Showside, a world that has become as much a part of them as their own, bids them farewell. With hearts heavy yet hopeful, they make choices that seal their destinies and the future of Showside.

Epilogue: The Lingering Whisper As the tale concludes, the whisper of Showside lingers in their souls – a reminder of a journey extraordinary, a testament to the enduring power of friendship and courage in the face of the unfathomable.

Thus, the storyline of “Welcome to Showside” unfolds like a poetic epic, a journey through a world where the magical and the real blend in a symphony of storytelling that captivates the heart and stirs the imagination.