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The Role of ReedPop and Other Partners in Organizing Emerald City Comic Con

The Role of ReedPop and Other Partners

The Role of ReedPop and Other Partners

The Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) is one of the largest comic book conventions in North America, held annually in Seattle. The 2024 edition is expected to be the biggest ever, attracting over 100,000 attendees over the 3-day event.

This major event is organized by ReedPop in collaboration with other partners like Show Technology and Spectra. ReedPop is a leading producer of pop culture events globally, with extensive experience running major comic cons like New York Comic Con, C2E2, and ECCC itself.

For ECCC 2024, they have coordinated with various partners for over 9 months to handle different aspects of organizing this massive event that spans 700,000 square feet of the Washington State Convention Center.

The Role of ReedPop and Other Partners in Organizing Emerald City Comic Con 2024

About ReedPop

ReedPop was founded in 2006 by Lance Fensterman and has grown rapidly over 18 years to organize over 30 large-scale events. These include popular comic conventions like C2E2, ECCC, and NYCC that attract millions of enthusiastic fans and cosplayers.

ReedPop brings its expertise in areas like programming, ticketing, exhibitor relations, and marketing to organize smoothly run comic convention experiences over 3-4 action-packed days. The company has built trust in the comic industry through its reliable operations and focus on community building.

Year Event Location Attendance
2022 Emerald City Comic Con Seattle, WA 103,000
2023 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Chicago, IL 114,000
2024 Emerald City Comic Con Seattle, WA Expected over 130,000

Role of ReedPop in Emerald City Comic Con 2024

For ECCC 2024, ReedPop plays the lead role in overseeing key aspects like:

  • Venue selection, layout planning, and coordination with the convention center staff
  • Scheduling of key programming events, guest appearances, and panels
  • Managing exhibitor booth sales and facilitating exhibitor move-in/move-out
  • Recruiting, training, and overseeing volunteer teams of 500+ people
  • Leading marketing campaigns and ticket sales across multiple channels

They coordinate all the moving parts over months of preparation to create an exciting convention weekend at the Seattle Convention Center that runs smoothly for the thousands of fans in attendance.

Other Partners Involved in Emerald City Comic Con 2024

While ReedPop oversees the big-picture planning and execution of ECCC 2024, other key partners provide vital services and support to make the event a success:

Show Technology

Show Technology is the event production partner responsible for the critical AV systems and lighting design across the vast convention center halls and meeting rooms. For ECCC 2024, they handled production for 150+ panels, workshops, main stage events, and other programming over the 3-day weekend.

This included everything from intimate writer’s workshops with just 50 people to massive conferences with over 4,000 attendees. Show Technology brought state-of-the-art sound, video, and lighting gear to meet these diverse needs and create memorable experiences for the fans.

Months before the event, they worked closely with ReedPop on pre-planning including equipment lists, stage layouts, and technical requirements for each programming room. During the event, their team of specialized technicians operated the lighting, audio, and video systems across multiple simultaneous stages.


Spectra is the exclusive food service and concessions provider for the Washington State Convention Center, as well as 16 other convention centers globally. For an event the size of ECCC spanning over 700,000 square feet, serving safe and delicious food is vital but also incredibly complex. 

Spectra’s ECCC team managed food service across over 50 locations including cafes, restaurants, food courts, and food trucks to fuel attendees over the packed weekend. The planning process began in June 2023 to prepare kitchen facilities, source ingredients, and hire several hundred temporary staff.

Their operations fed over 130,000 meals to ECCC 2024 attendees, requiring careful forecasting and coordination with ReedPop’s expected attendance numbers per day and hall.

By partnering with experienced vendors like Show Technology and Spectra, ReedPop could stay focused on overall event management while relying on partners to handle critical production and F&B needs. The smooth execution contributed enormously to another successful Emerald City Comic Con.

Collaboration between ReedPop and Other Partners

Close collaboration between ReedPop and partners like ShowTech and Spectra was vital for ECCC 2024’s success. ReedPop held regular planning meetings starting in mid-2023 and shared critical event information like expected hourly attendee numbers per day. This allowed partners to prepare staffing, inventory, equipment, and systems to handle the crowds.

During the event, ReedPop coordinates the setup of booths, stages, and more while partners manage live production, food service, and other operations. Clear communication channels and contingency plans ensure a smooth experience for fans even with last-minute changes or issues arising.

Impact and Success of Emerald City Comic Con 2024

Thanks to the expert planning and coordination between ReedPop and its partners over 12+ months, ECCC 2024 attracted record attendance numbers for comic conventions globally.

The success has strengthened these relationships and built strong momentum for an even more ambitious Emerald City Comic Con in 2025. Building on the feedback and data from this year’s event, plans are already underway to improve logistics, programming, and experiences at ECCC 2025.


ReedPop played the vital role of lead organizer, bringing its expertise from nearly 20 years of running major comic cons to make ECCC 2024 have record-breaking attendance with an incredibly smooth operation.

Support from partners like ShowTech and Spectra in production, food service, and other areas was essential to handle the massive crowds. This collaborative approach created an incredibly exciting convention weekend that left over 130,000 delighted attendees already eager for Emerald City Comic Con 2025.