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Comic Con New Orleans 2024: Meet the Comic Creators!

Comic Con New Orleans

Comic Con New Orleans 2024

Welcome to Comic Con New Orleans 2024! This is a special place where comic book fans can meet their favourite creators. Imagine a big, exciting event where people who love comics come together. You will see people dressed as superheroes and characters from stories. Artists and writers who make these comics will be there, too. It’s like a big party for everyone who loves comics.

At Comic Con, you’ll find rows of tables with comic book creators. They are the people who draw and write the stories. You can talk to them, get their autographs, and see their new comics. Sometimes, they’ll even draw something just for you! There are also special talks where these creators tell stories about how they make comics. You can learn a lot from them.

Besides meeting creators, there are many fun things to do. You can buy special comic books, posters, and toys. There are also games and contests. People often dress up as their favourite characters and take photos. It’s a happy place where everyone shares their love for comics. Comic Con New Orleans 2024 is not just an event; it’s a place where comic book dreams come alive!

Comic Con New Orleans 2024: A Gathering of Comic Book Stars


Name Known For Appearance Days
Ryan Ottley Invincible Fri, Sat, Sun
Stephen Platt Cover Artist, Moon Knight, Wolverine Fri, Sat, Sun
Clay Mann Batman/Catwoman Fri, Sat, Sun
Brian Azzarello Suicide Squad: Get Joker, Wonder Woman Fri, Sat, Sun
Tom Grummett LEGENDARY ARTIST Fri, Sat, Sun
Michael Golden Legendary Artist Fri, Sat, Sun
Tony Harris Starman, JSA, Star Wars, Ex Machina Fri, Sat, Sun
Tim Jacobus Goosebumps Cover Illustrator Fri, Sat, Sun
Jae Lee Seven Sons, Cover Artist Fri, Sat, Sun
Carl Potts Legendary Writer and Editor Fri, Sat, Sun
Todd W. Langen Screenwriter – TMNT Fri, Sat, Sun
Heather Antos Group Editor Licensing – IDW Publishing Fri, Sat, Sun
John Delaney Justice League Adventures, Futurama, Simpsons Fri, Sat, Sun
Gigi Dutreix Sonic the Hedgehog Fri, Sat, Sun
Guy Gilchrist The Muppets, Nancy Fri, Sat, Sun
Claudia Gray Star Wars, House of El Fri, Sat, Sun
Gavin Guidry Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain Fri, Sat, Sun
Clinton T. Hobart Fine Artist and Licensed Disney Fine Artist Fri, Sat, Sun
Travis Hymel TMNT Adventures, Trailer Park Boys Fri, Sat, Sun
Terry Kavanagh Legendary Writer and Editor Fri, Sat, Sun
Derek Kirk Kim Same Difference, Tune, Eternal Smile, etc. Fri, Sat, Sun
Jackson Lanzing Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, etc. Fri, Sat, Sun
Tim Lattie TMNT Adventures Fri, Sat, Sun
Cary Nord Wonder Woman, Conan Fri, Sat, Sun
Stephanie Phillips Rogue and Gambit, Harley Quinn Fri, Sat, Sun
Joshua Swaby Catwoman Fri, Sat, Sun
Michael Swanigan Animation Director, Author Fri, Sat, Sun
Joe Wos WosToons, Cartoon Academy Fri, Sat, Sun
Jeff Brennan Courage the Cowardly Dog Fri, Sat, Sun
Jeremy Clark TMNT, Lady Death Fri, Sat, Sun
Derec Donovan Trigger Mortis Fri, Sat, Sun
Keith Grachow Yost the Golem, Checkmate Blues Fri, Sat, Sun
Ryan Kincaid Cover Artist – Clan McDonald Comics Fri, Sat, Sun
Tony Kordos Cyborg Fri, Sat, Sun
Jim Krueger Marvels X Fri, Sat, Sun
Dr. Travis Langley Comics and Psychology Fri, Sat, Sun
Erin Lefler Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Netflix, WB Fri, Sat, Sun
Jason Metcalf War Angels Fri, Sat, Sun
Mostafa Moussa Justice League, TMNT Fri, Sat, Sun
Don Nguyen Pablo the Gorilla Fri, Sat, Sun
Martin Pierro Cosmic Times Fri, Sat, Sun
William Russell Cover Artist Fri, Sat, Sun
Fabrice Sapolsky FairSquare Comics Fri, Sat, Sun
Vernon Smith TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures Fri, Sat, Sun
JaVon Stokes Heat, Strong, Visually Stoked Podcast Fri, Sat, Sun
Arthur Suydam ZOMBIE KING, DECEASED Fri, Sat, Sun
Wayne Van Sant Katusha, All Quiet on the Western Front, etc. Fri, Sat, Sun
Renee Witterstaetter WRITER, EDITOR, COLOR ARTIST, PUBLISHER Fri, Sat, Sun


Comic Con New Orleans 2024 is a wonderful place for comic fans. It’s a chance to meet the people who make your favourite comics. You will see many artists and writers, learn new things, and have fun. Remember, this event is for everyone who loves comics. It’s a place to make new friends who like the same stories as you. So, come join us at Comic Con New Orleans 2024 and be part of this amazing comic book adventure!


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