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How to Participate in Emerald City Comic Con: A Guide for Artists and Content Creators

How to Participate in Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con has become one of the premier comic book and pop culture conventions in the country. For artists, writers, creators, and fans alike, it represents an exciting opportunity to come together and celebrate their shared passions.

For those contributing their creative works, Emerald City Comic Con also serves as a valuable venue to exhibit and promote their content. Preparing for this high-profile event requires planning, polish, and perseverance.

This event draws tens of thousands of enthusiastic attendees each year, so bringing your A-game is essential to making the most of this phenomenal opportunity.

How to Participate in Emerald City Comic Con: A Guide for Artists and Content Creators

Understanding the 2024 Theme

Every year, Emerald City Comic Con organizes around a unique theme that steers the tone and atmosphere of the entire convention. As an exhibiting artist, familiarizing yourself with the 2024 theme as soon as it’s announced can help inspire your display and contributions.

Research the theme and brainstorm ideas for how to incorporate it into your booth setup, merchandise, artwork, costumes, and more. When attendees recognize you embraced the overarching motif creatively, it makes your presentation more cohesive and memorable. Lean into the theme wholeheartedly rather than just superficially.

Perfecting Your Craft

Leading up to Emerald City Comic Con 2024, set aside time to hone your abilities and output new pieces that align with your skillset and style. Experiment with different mediums and subjects outside your normal wheelhouse.

Seek feedback from objective peers who can provide constructive input on where you still need refinement. Identify your strengths as an artist and play to them, while also deliberately expanding the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Arriving with a fresh, polished portfolio demonstrates your dedication to ongoing improvement and gives fans exciting new work to appreciate rather than just your older content. Push yourself so that at the end of each work day you feel you’ve gotten better in some tangible way.

How to Registration at Emerald City Comic Con?

Securing your participation in Emerald City Comic Con requires closely following the proper registration protocols. Be aware of the key dates and costs, as missing critical deadlines could forfeit your exhibitor privileges.

The registration process consists of several key steps:

1. Submit Your Application

  • Applications open 9 months before the convention. Prepare your professional credentials and portfolio.
  • The deadline for exhibitor applications is February 15th at 11:59 pm PT. Apply as early as possible.
  • Submit the online application form detailing your experience, company affiliation, goals, and needs.
  • If you are a content creator, use the designated application form for influencers.

2. Await Approval Decision

  • All applications will receive a response within 21 business days.
  • If approved, you will receive instructions for finalizing registration.
  • Rejected applications cannot be appealed or re-submitted.

3. Complete Registration

  • Once approved, you must complete online registration within 21 days.
  • Select your booth specs, required utilities, badge numbers, etc.
  • Enter payment info. A deposit is due 6 months out, with the balance 60 days prior.

4. Receive Confirmation & Badge

  • Registration confirmation will be emailed with the next steps.
  • If registered before the mailing deadline, badges will ship to the provided address.
  • Late registrants can access a digital badge but won’t receive a mailed copy.

Important Dates

Deadline Description
October 30th Artist Alley Application Deadline
February 15th Content Creator & Press Registration Deadline
November 27th Panel & Programming Application Deadline

Closely track each target date related to your participation. Factor in buffer days when prepping application materials in case unexpected delays occur. Confirm receipt of all submissions to avoid potentially missed correspondence.

Participation Costs

Rates for exhibitor booths vary based on size, electricity requirements, location, and other factors. On average, plan for a budget between $1,500-3000 just for the floor space itself.

There are also fees for convention badges, equipment rentals, shipping, parking, accommodations, and other logistical needs. Take all costs into account when mapping your budget and secure financing channels ahead of time.

How To Setup Your Booth at Emerald City Comic Con?

How to Participate in Emerald City Comic Con

The process of setting up your booth at Emerald City Comic Con requires careful planning and execution. Follow these key steps for a smooth setup:

1. Review Floorplan and Booth Assignment

Once you receive your booth number assignment, thoroughly review the floorplan map sent by convention organizers. Note the locations of restrooms, food vendors, exits, and any other helpful landmarks. Visit your exact booth spot after checking in to visualize layout possibilities given the dimensions and neighboring booths.

Location Selection

Request a spot that aligns with your goals for exposure, neighboring exhibitors who won’t detract from your booth, ideal lighting conditions, proximity to high-traffic areas, and other preferences. Near the main thoroughfares is heavy foot traffic, while side rooms offer more intimacy.


If possible, avoid placing yourself beside noisy attractions that could distract you from showcasing your work. Find the right balance of visibility, atmosphere, and lack of external distractions.

2. Transport Supplies and Inventory

Determine the booth supplies and inventory you will need throughout the multi-day event. Pack neatly and use clear labeling so items are easy to locate. Transport everything safely to the convention center. Push carts can assist with loading/unloading. Check the availability of items like extension cords before packing.

3. Check-In and Credentials

Arrive early on booth setup day to check in at exhibitor registration. Provide payment receipts if needed. Receive your exhibitor badges and any parking passes or other materials for easy access all weekend. Confirm no outstanding balances or issues with your account.

4. Assemble Physical Structure

Following convention rules for allowable booth materials, construct your physical booth space. Drape backdrop banners neatly from top supports using zip ties or hooks. Anchor any freestanding displays or shelves to ensure stability. Set up lighting fixtures and test functionality.

5. Layout Interior Space

Strategically place tables, chairs, portfolios, racks, bins, and other interior elements in an organized, uncluttered manner. Extension cords and power strips should be tidy and out of walking paths. Review the arrangement from all angles and tweak as needed.

Décor Choices

The design of your booth makes an impression, almost like an artistic installation itself. Use banners, displays, shelves, mood lighting, tablecloths, and decorations to reflect your artistic vision. A clean, uncluttered appearance keeps the focus on the art. Dramatic lighting highlights key pieces while avoiding glare on important display areas.


When determining how to best showcase your work, envision yourself as an attendee passing by your booth. Consider sight lines, organization of portfolios, and eye-catching focal points from their perspective.

6. Prepare Inventory

Clean and prep products, prints, books, cards, and other items for sale. Confirm pricing is displayed. Have bags, tissues, and other supplies in easy reach. Neatly organize business cards, order forms, and promotional giveaways.

7. Complete Final Touches

Add final decorative touches like tablecloths, sculptures, flowers, or thematic elements. Give the full booth one last visual inspection from front to back, ensuring it aligns with your creative vision. Make any final tweaks necessary right before opening.

During the Convention

The connections made and work shared during Emerald City Comic Con are what make the endeavor truly rewarding for artists and creators. Stay energized and engaged to maximize this time.

Engaging with Fans

Attendance at Emerald City Comic Con reaches into the tens of thousands. Be prepared for enthusiastic fans to visit your booth and share admiration for your creations. Greet all admirers warmly no matter how briefly they engage.

If speaking with one party for an extended period, periodically acknowledge others browsing nearby so no attendees feel overlooked. Answer questions about your process, sources of inspiration, preferred mediums, upcoming projects, and more. Make each visitor feel uniquely appreciated.


Aside from interacting with fans, conventions like Emerald City Comic Con enable valuable networking with other artists, editors, publishers, and industry insiders. Come prepared to connect beyond just selling your work.

Bring business cards, portfolios, and compelling examples of your work to share. Attend mixers, panels, workshops, and afterparties to make organic connections. Following up promptly after the convention concludes is key for advancing promising leads before they get distracted by other priorities.

Post-Convention Follow Up

Just because Emerald City Comic Con has ended does not mean your work is done. Staying organized and proactively following up is vital for leveraging the opportunities this event afforded.

Thank You Notes

Keep meticulous track of contacts you met during the convention by writing down names, companies, and any helpful personal details about their projects or interests. Following up with personalized thank you messages soon after reiterates your enthusiasm and professionalism while the experience is still fresh. Briefly touch on any meaningful conversations you had for a personalized touch.

Evaluating Your Goals

Look back at the intentions you set heading into Emerald City Comic Con. Did you accomplish what you had hoped? Were there any surprises or letdowns? Be honest with yourself. Analyze what went well and where there is room to improve so you can refine your approach for the next convention. Immediately apply the lessons learned while they are top of mind rather than waiting for another year.

By diligently applying insights from each convention experience, artists and creators can continually progress and make the most of prestigious pop culture events like Emerald City Comic Con. Through effort, preparation, and commitment to your craft, the potential for recognition and success is boundless no matter where you are starting today.


For artists and creators with a passion for comics and pop culture, Emerald City Comic Con represents the pinnacle. The connections, inspiration, and exposure gained from this phenomenal event are truly unparalleled.

With thoughtful preparation, engaging presentations, and timely follow-up, exhibitors can maximize their experience and propel their careers to new heights. Bring your best work and most enthusiastic attitude to make 2024 your biggest year yet!