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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Comic Guide

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is an engaging comic book series that chronicles the extraordinary escapades of Lunella Lafayette, a 13-year-old prodigy, and her colossal companion, Devil Dinosaur.

The narrative unfolds as Lunella inadvertently transports Devil Dinosaur into contemporary New York City through a time vortex, compelling the pair to safeguard the city’s Lower East Side from impending threats.

The series encapsulates Lunella’s multifaceted life as she juggles her teenage responsibilities, manages a clandestine laboratory, and navigates the complexities of having a superpowered dinosaur as a pet.

“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is the brainchild of writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, with Reeder also credited for the character design. The artistic rendition of the characters is attributed to Natacha Bustos. The inaugural issue of the series was published in November 2015.

Unique Premise About

The comic series distinguishes itself through its innovative premise that combines a youthful super-genius and a gigantic dinosaur.

Lunella Lafayette, known as Moon Girl, is a 13-year-old intellectual who embarks on a journey to become a superhero to safeguard her community in Lower East Side New York.

A mishap with an invention inspired by her idol, a missing scientist known as “Moon Girl,” results in a portal that brings Devil Dinosaur into her world, leading to an immediate bond between the two.

This unconventional duo collaborates to protect their city, offering a refreshing perspective on the superhero genre.


moon girl

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette)

Moon Girl, whose real name is Lunella Lafayette, is a youthful superhero who graces the pages of American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She holds the distinction of being the most intelligent character in the Marvel Universe, a testament to her prodigious intellect.


Lunella Lafayette is a precocious 9-year-old girl with an exceptional aptitude for engineering and hacking. Her creators, writers Brandon Montclare, and Amy Reeder, and artist Natacha Bustos have imbued her with a unique blend of intelligence and courage. As an Inhuman, Lunella leverages her extraordinary intellect and telepathic link with Devil Dinosaur to assume the mantle of a hero.


Lunella is portrayed as a spirited yet grounded teenager with a penchant for invention and innovation. Her intelligence is unparalleled, earning her the title of the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. Despite her extraordinary abilities, Lunella remains deeply connected to her family and friends, demonstrating her strong sense of loyalty and compassion.


Lunella’s genius-level intellect enables her to conceive, design, and build a wide array of innovative devices. Her Inhuman ability, coupled with her vast intelligence and her telepathic link with the Devil Dinosaur, empowers her to protect her community as a superhero.

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is a colossal creature resembling a crimson Tyrannosaurus Rex, who features prominently in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Devil Dinosaur originates from an alternate reality known as “Dinosaur World,” a realm where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures coexist with tribes of primitive humanoid beings.

A tribe of hostile beings, known as the Killer-Folk, nearly burned Devil Dinosaur to death. However, he was rescued by Moon-Boy, a young member of a rival tribe, marking the beginning of his extraordinary journey.


Devil Dinosaur is endowed with superhuman strength and durability, along with a high degree of intelligence. His fierce loyalty to his companions is a defining trait.

The manifestation of her Inhuman power further strengthens his bond with Lunella. During a full moon, Lunella can swap minds with Devil Dinosaur, allowing her to control his body while the dinosaur inhabits her human form. This unique ability adds an intriguing dimension to their partnership and their shared mission to protect their city.


“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is primarily set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a bustling and vibrant neighborhood that serves as the home for our protagonist, Lunella Lafayette, also known as Moon Girl. This setting is not just a geographical location but a living, breathing entity that interacts with the characters and influences the narrative.

The comic series introduces an intriguing twist to this modern setting by bringing in Devil Dinosaur, a massive T-Rex from prehistoric times, into present-day New York City via a time vortex. This unexpected fusion of the prehistoric with the contemporary creates a unique environment for the narrative to unfold.

The comic series masterfully integrates elements from two vastly different time periods. On one hand, we have the modern, urban landscape of New York City, teeming with skyscrapers, traffic, and people. On the other hand, we have the Devil Dinosaur, a creature from a time when humans hadn’t even appeared on Earth.

This juxtaposition of the modern and the prehistoric provides a rich backdrop for the narrative. It creates numerous opportunities for humor, conflict, and adventure as Lunella and Devil Dinosaur navigate the challenges of city life while dealing with the chaos and excitement that a dinosaur brings to a metropolitan area.

The setting plays a pivotal role in the storytelling of “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”. The stark contrast between Lunella’s advanced intellect and the primitive nature of Devil Dinosaur sets the stage for compelling narratives and conflicts. The bustling city of New York, with its diverse population and a myriad of experiences, provides countless opportunities for Lunella’s adventures.

Moreover, the presence of a dinosaur in this urban environment adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the narrative. This fusion of the modern and the prehistoric underscores the comic’s themes of friendship, adaptability, and the clash between the old and the new.

It’s a testament to the creative storytelling that such a unique setting can feel both fantastical and grounded at the same time. The fusion of modern-day New York City with prehistoric elements not only enhances the visual appeal of the comic but also drives the narrative, making the setting an integral part of the storytelling.


“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is a captivating comic series that chronicles the extraordinary adventures of Lunella Lafayette, a 13-year-old prodigy, and her unlikely companion, Devil Dinosaur. Lunella, also known as Moon Girl, is a young super-genius who inadvertently triggers a time vortex using a Kree device, bringing Devil Dinosaur, a colossal T-Rex, into present-day New York City. This forms the crux of the series, setting the stage for a myriad of thrilling narratives.

The comic series is replete with intriguing story arcs and conflicts that add depth to the narrative. One of the central story arcs revolves around Lunella’s latent Inhuman genes. Despite her young age, Lunella is deeply engrossed in the world of superpowers and is determined to understand her own latent Inhuman genes.

Her quest leads her to utilize advanced technology from across the Marvel Universe, including Doombots, H.E.R.B.I.E, Cerebro, and a Kree Omni-Wave Projector. The latter ends up transporting Devil Dinosaur into the present day, setting off a chain of events that form the basis of the series.

Another significant conflict arises from the presence of Devil Dinosaur in modern-day New York City. Initially perceived as a problem-causing, oversized reptile, Devil Dinosaur gradually becomes an integral part of Lunella’s life. The evolution of their relationship, from initial dismissal to eventual understanding and mutual respect, forms a strong underlying message of the series.

“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” explores a multitude of themes, including community, friendship, and the power of intellect. Lunella’s character is a testament to the strength and resilience of Black women, who face challenges head-on, especially when it comes to protecting their family and community.

The comic series also underscores the importance of friendship, as seen in the deep bond between Lunella and Devil Dinosaur.

Moreover, the series emphasizes the significance of self-care and embracing one’s community. It showcases how Lunella, despite her advanced intellect and the chaos brought about by Devil Dinosaur’s presence, learns to balance her personal needs with her responsibilities towards her community.

In conclusion, “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is a comic series that seamlessly blends adventure, intellect, and emotional depth. Its unique setting and compelling narrative offer readers an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Artwork and Visuals

The artwork and visual style of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur brings the vibrant world of the comic to life. Artist Natacha Bustos utilizes a colorful palette that captures the energy and eccentric nature of the characters.

Each panel pops with bright, saturated hues – Moon Girl’s gadgets glow a hot pink, Devil Dinosaur’s red scale’s blaze, and the detailing on Moon Girl’s intricate braids is accentuated in sharp blues and purples. The bold color contrast effectively highlights the visual chemistry between a giant red T-Rex and an intelligent young girl.

The panel layouts also showcase Bustos’ dynamic style. Panels often angle characters diagonally, placing them in active poses as if frozen mid-movement. Full-page spreads reveal big dynamic action scenes as Moon Girl and Devil battle rivals and dark forces. The kinetic composition keeps eyes flowing rapidly across each page.

Bustos handles both the human and dinosaur anatomy with skill. Moon Girl exudes endearing cuteness with her earnest eyes and signature pigtail braids while still asserting her strength and intelligence. Meanwhile, Devil Dinosaur’s towering, snake-like physique ripples with muscle and primal energy.

The vibrant palette paired with energetic linework and paneling gives the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic its playful, retro style. The visuals pop on the page, pulling readers into Moon Girl and Devil’s prehistoric/modern world. Bustos makes a girl and her dinosaur duo that especially pops in the panels and brings dynamic appeal to this unique comic.

Reception and Popularity

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in 2015. The series follows the adventures of Lunella Lafayette, a 9-year-old supergenius who discovers she has Inhuman genes, and her giant red T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur, who she accidentally brings to present-day Manhattan through a time vortex.

The comic has received very positive critical praise, especially for its lead character. Lunella, or “Moon Girl,” is the smartest character in the Marvel universe and provides a positive and authentic portrayal of a young black female superhero. Critics have applauded the series for its fun, exciting stories and dynamic artwork. ComicBookRoundup.com reports the series has received an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 based on over 350 critic and user reviews.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur won two Glyph Comics Awards in 2016 – Best Female Character for Lunella and Story of the Year for the first issue. Lunella was also included as one of Marvel’s most ingenious and smart young heroes in a Marvel handbook published in 2017.

The series has attracted a devoted fanbase but has not achieved the same level of mainstream popularity as other Marvel titles.

However, the creators have praised the passion of the title’s fans. There is an appreciation for the lead character providing a good representation of girls of color in the predominantly white male superhero genre. Lunella’s character also resonates with fans and critics as an intelligent, confident female heroine passionate about science and learning.

While Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur may lack the iconic status of say Spider-Man or Iron Man, the series is a critical darling that has resonated strongly with its loyal fans thanks to its wonderfully crafted lead character and delightful adventures. The future looks bright for young Moon Girl continuing to enact her genius superheroics.

Cultural Impact

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have made significant strides in representation and diversity in comic books by featuring a young, intelligent black girl as the central hero character. The lead character, Lunella Lafayette, provides an alternative depiction of black youth in popular culture that emphasizes her brilliance and scientific mind rather than dangerous stereotypes.

As Marvel Comics’ smartest superheroine, Lunella stands out in the predominantly white male landscape of science and superheroes. Her character introduces young girls, especially young girls of color, to the idea that they can be geniuses and have exciting scientific careers. The series also touches on themes of family, friendship, school, and mental health issues like bullying and feeling isolated from peers.

The creative team behind the series, like writer Brandon Montclare and artist Natacha Bustos, have been intentional about accurate, thoughtful depictions of Lunella’s hair and physical features. They have received guidance from scholars on depicting black girlhood and black hair in a respectful manner. Additionally, the series’ narratives focus on and celebrate Lunella’s intellect, drive, and ingenuity.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have sparked important cultural discussions about pushing back against exclusivity in STEM fields as well as providing young people with examples of smart, skillful, adventurous characters that represent diverse backgrounds.

However, there is still work to be done in achieving mainstream popularity and financial success for such comic series featuring diverse leads in order for the industry at large to value representation and inclusion.

Overall, the creative team behind Moon Girl and her prehistoric companion deserves credit for being at the forefront of necessary steps comic books are slowly taking towards reflecting all aspects of human differences and varieties of intelligence through compelling heroic narratives.

Spin-offs and Crossovers

No official spin-off series have been launched from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as of yet. The main series written by Brandon Montclare with art by Natacha Bustos ended after 44 issues in 2019.

However, Lunella Lafayette’s Moon Girl has made several appearances across Marvel’s titles. She had a guest role dealing with the Secret Empire event in 2017 and featured alongside Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, and other young heroes in Marvel’s Voices: Legacy one-shot issue celebrating Black History Month in 2021.

Most significantly, Moon Girl headlined Marvel Action: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, an all-ages comic series that ran for 12 issues starting in 2020. This younger-reader-friendly title introduced Moon Girl and her dinosaur buddy to a new audience while staying faithful to the main comic’s core concepts and characters.

These special issues and crossovers have helped further integrate intelligent, scientific-minded characters like Lunella into the expansive Marvel Universe. Her inclusion helps provide more diverse depictions of superheroes that can appeal to broader audiences. Partnering Moon Girl with iconic heroes like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man can potentially bring more attention and popularity to her still-rising star in the comic world.

The limited spin-offs and crossovers have served Moon Girl’s narrative well so far by not over-saturating her story across mediums. Keeping most tales centralized gives readers clear story arcs and character progression of this young genius superhero, with the potential to organically expand her reach if her fanbase keeps steadily growing into the future.

Legacy and Future

Although a relatively recent comic creation, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has already left a distinctive mark that will influence comic stories and characters for years to come. Most importantly, Lunella Lafayette showcases a brilliant, confident black girl superhero proudly embracing her identity. T

his provides some much-needed representation, allowing more young readers, especially young girls of color, to feel seen and inspired in the comics universe.

The creative team behind the series has helped pave the way for more inclusive, authentic depictions of underrepresented identities. By listening to cultural advisors and emphasizing positive elements of black girlhood throughout Moon Girl’s stories, they set a progressive example for the industry.

Additionally, by making a new character Marvel’s smartest superhero, they open the door for more diversity regarding what kinds of heroes can lead to exciting franchises.

Moon Girl’s popularity proves diverse characters resonate widely when crafted with care, thoughtfulness, and personality. Her success helps other publishers and media see the commercial viability of perspectives beyond those of straight white men. For example, on television, the cheeky, science-obsessed Miss Martian in Young Justice shares much in common with Moon Girl.

Upcoming plans for the character have not been formally announced but her guest roles continue, like an appearance in the 2023 Champions comic. As intellectual properties like Marvel explore promoting lesser-known fan favorites, hopes remain high for Moon Girl headlines either more comics, cartoon shorts, novel/prose adaptations, or perhaps even a live-action adaptation through Disney+.

No matter what the future holds, Moon Girl now stars as an influential beacon – representing young girls, black comic readers, and STEM enthusiasts that even the wildest dreams can be achieved regardless of who you are or where you come from.


In reviewing Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, we covered the origin story of genius inventor Lunella Lafayette and her friendly T-Rex companion from prehistoric times. We analyzed what makes the series so groundbreaking – being led by a young black female superhero who celebrates intelligence and science.

I highlighted the fun, imaginative adventures that make it appealing to all ages. We discussed beautiful, vivid artwork bringing these characters to life, often emphasizing positive representation. We touched on crossover storylines lightly connecting to the expansive Marvel universe while allowing readers to immerse in Lunella’s world.

Personally, I’m thrilled by this comic’s ability to be entertaining and make scientific pursuit exciting! As an educator and parent, I appreciate the themes of embracing your identity and pursuing your dreams no matter what obstacles arise or what others think.

In closing, what endures in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is much more than comic book action. The creative team delivers a love letter to intellectual curiosity, to out-of-the-box thinkers, and to the powerful promise within each young generation to make the world better through science and compassion. It’s a must-have series for any fan of fun stories that also impact hearts and minds.

My highest recommendation is to give Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a read! You’ll get hooked on the delightful adventures of two unlikely pals while being inspired to channel your inner genius and change the world!