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Why Did Negan Kill Glenn?

Negan Kill Glenn

Negan Kill Glenn

The Walking Dead introduced one of its most notorious villains in Season 6 when Negan made his first appearance. Played by the talented Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan immediately became a dangerous threat to Rick Grimes and his group of survivors, known simply as the Survivors.

In the shocking seventh season premiere, Negan cemented his villain status when he violently killed Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) with his deadly, barbed-wire covered baseball bat that he nicknamed “Lucille”.

Who is Negan?

Negan was the charismatic yet brutal leader of the Saviors, a large group of hostile survivors who resorted to violently extorting and intimidating nearby communities. The Saviors operated through fear, intimidation, and extreme brutality.

When Rick Grimes and a small group of the Survivors killed some of Negan’s men in order to rescue captives, Negan sought revenge through a show of force intended to cow Rick’s group into submission.

After capturing Rick and some of his most trusted people, Negan said he needed to very publicly and very violently kill one of them as a stark lesson and statement to the others. After an agonizing and terrifying game of “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe,” he chose Glenn Rhee as his victim.

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Why Did Negan Target Glenn?

Negan didn’t know Rick’s group well enough yet to single out any one member. His choice of Glenn was essentially random as he pointed Lucille at them. However, a few key factors may have slightly influenced his decision:

  • Glenn had recently infiltrated a Savior outpost with fellow survivor Heath and killed several Saviors as they slept. This brutal tactic angered Negan.
  • As one of Rick Grimes’ right-hand men, Glenn was an important and prominent member of the Survivor group. His very public death would be a devastating blow to the group’s morale.
  • Glenn had recently gotten Maggie pregnant with their first child. Killing an expectant father would add an extra layer of pain and cruelty to Negan’s statement.
  • Steven Yeun, the actor playing Glenn Rhee, was one of the most popular cast members on The Walking Dead. Killing such a beloved character would shock and anger viewers.

How Did Negan Kill Glenn?

The premiere episode of season seven opened with Rick Grimes and several other Survivors kneeling helplessly before Negan in a lineup. After selecting Glenn with his menacing game, Negan brought him forward and made him kneel in the dirt. He then brutally smashed Glenn’s head in with Lucille as the others watched in helpless horror and disbelief.

Eyewitnesses report that Negan struck Glenn’s head approximately seven times with full force. The blunt force trauma immediately caved in Glenn’s skull and sent an eye bulgeing grotesquely out of the socket. Glenn attempted to cry out and speak but could only gurgle and choke helplessly before collapsing lifeless to the ground, brutally murdered.

Why Was Glenn’s Death So Shocking?

Glenn Rhee’s extremely violent, graphic death was incredibly hard for viewers to watch unfold. Here are some reasons why it was so profoundly shocking and unsettling:

  • No warning or build-up – It came out of nowhere and was over in less than 60 seconds.
  • Extreme brutality – Seeing a beloved character savagely beaten to death with a bat rattled audiences.
  • Helplessness – Neither Glenn nor the others could fight back or stop it.
  • Lost future – Glenn had a baby on the way, making his cruel murder even more tragic.
  • Ratings ploy – Cynically killing a very adored character just for ratings made many fans angry.
Reason Explanation
No warning or build-up It came out of nowhere and was over quickly
Extreme brutality Savage beating with a bat was hard to watch
Helplessness Glenn couldn’t fight back
Lost future Had a baby on the way
Ratings ploy Angered fans who saw it as a cheap ploy

Glenn Rhee’s shocking death immediately established Negan as a remorseless monster. It also set the stage for future conflicts between the Survivors and the Saviors. Glenn’s tragic loss is still felt by fans years later.

How Did Glenn’s Death Impact the Other Survivors?

Witnessing Glenn’s horrific murder firsthand traumatized the other Survivors who were forced to watch it unfold. Rick Grimes was left utterly broken after helplessly watching his friend die. He blamed himself for being unable to save Glenn or stop Negan.

Maggie Greene fell into a deep depression after losing her husband so violently, as well as the father of her unborn child. She later rebounded and eventually helped lead the fight against Negan and the Saviors.

Daryl Dixon spiraled into a self-destructive guilt after Glenn’s death, blaming himself for getting him killed. Other members of the group also suffered from PTSD and severe anxiety after watching their friend die in such a brutal, graphic manner.

In the end, Negan’s violent example horrifically succeeded in its intent to cow and intimidate them, but also unified the group in their grief. After some time passed, the Survivors slowly overcame their fears and worked together, bonded with a new purpose.

They began to carefully organize a resistance that would eventually topple Negan and defeat the Saviors for good. But none who watched it would ever forget helplessly watching their good friend die so brutally at Negan’s hands.