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UC San Diego’s Comic-Con Collaboration: Where Science Meets Storytelling

What’s the buzz about UC San Diego’s Comic-Con event?

UC San Diego is set to host “The Science of Story,” a six-day extravaganza celebrating the art of storytelling in conjunction with San Diego Comic-Con 2024.

This innovative event series, running from July 23 to July 28, promises to blend creativity, science, and popular culture in a way that showcases the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary exploration and community engagement.

Who are the star attractions at the event?

The headline event features an unprecedented gathering of Star Trek royalty. “A Tale of Two Sulus: An Evening with George Takei and John Cho” brings together two generations of actors who have portrayed the iconic character Hikaru Sulu.

This VIP event, scheduled for July 23 at the Epstein Family Amphitheater, offers fans a unique opportunity to hear from these beloved actors about their experiences in the Star Trek universe and beyond.

What storytelling experiences are on offer?

Clarion Writers Masterclass

On July 24, aspiring writers can participate in the Clarion Writers Masterclass. This intensive workshop, led by industry professionals, provides insights into the craft of science fiction and fantasy writing.

Jaclyn Jemc, professor of literature at UC San Diego and director of the Clarion Science Fiction Writing Workshop, emphasizes the unique opportunity for attendees to gain inspiration and understanding of worldbuilding techniques and storytelling power.

Star Trek in Concert

The same evening, the Epstein Family Amphitheater will host a screening of “Star Trek” (2009) with a twist. The San Diego Symphony will perform Michael Giacchino’s exhilarating score live, synchronizing with the film for a truly immersive experience.

JAWS Screening and Shark Summer

On July 26, movie enthusiasts can enjoy a screening of “JAWS” at the amphitheater. This event is part of a collaboration with Birch Aquarium’s Shark Summer, offering attendees the chance to explore shark exhibits and learn about real-life counterparts to the film’s iconic great white.

How is UC San Diego integrating with Comic-Con?

The university is leveraging its new facilities and transportation links to become a premier destination for Comic-Con attendees and the broader community.

The UC San Diego Blue Line trolley provides easy access between the campus, downtown San Diego, and the Convention Center, facilitating movement between official Comic-Con events and the university’s offerings.

Park & Market Events

UC San Diego’s downtown presence, Park & Market, will host a variety of Comic-Con-related events:

  • Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary Celebration: A free event on July 25 featuring game master Matt Forbeck and an intergenerational cast of industry legends.
  • XR Games Masterclass: Two days of free game creation skill-building workshops in partnership with Qualcomm Institute, Resilience Studios, Epic Games, Lenovo, and Meta.
  • Jis y Trino’s Big Cartoon Jam: A live drawing event on July 27 showcasing iconic cartoonists Jis and Trino.
  • Family Day Comic Fiesta: A family-friendly event on July 28 featuring a puppet parade.

What accommodation options are available for attendees?

Recognizing the challenge of finding affordable accommodation during Comic-Con, UC San Diego is offering on-campus housing packages:

Package Name Price Duration Includes
Enterprise Package $640 4 nights Single room, breakfast, transit pass
Starfleet Package $1,200 5 nights Single room, breakfast, transit pass, event tickets

The Enterprise Package is available to UC affiliates, alumni, and students enrolled in UC, CSU, or California community colleges. The Starfleet Package, open to the general public, includes access to “The Science of Story” programming.

How does this event showcase UC San Diego’s role in the community?

This Comic-Con collaboration demonstrates UC San Diego’s commitment to public engagement and interdisciplinary learning. By combining academic expertise with popular culture, the university creates a unique platform for education and entertainment.

The event series showcases UC San Diego’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the Epstein Family Amphitheater and Park & Market, positioning the campus as a cultural hub for both locals and visitors.

What’s the significance of this event for Comic-Con attendees?

For Comic-Con enthusiasts, “The Science of Story” offers a complementary experience to the main convention. It provides opportunities to engage with storytelling and creativity in a more intimate setting, with a focus on the intersection of science, technology, and art.

The event series extends the Comic-Con experience beyond the convention center, creating a city-wide celebration of pop culture and creativity.In conclusion, UC San Diego’s “The Science of Story” event series represents a bold step in integrating academic institutions with popular culture events.

By offering a mix of star power, hands-on workshops, and innovative programming, the university is creating a unique Comic-Con experience that celebrates storytelling in all its forms while showcasing its own role as a center for creativity and innovation.