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Hulk vs Superman Comic Who Won


Who Would Win in a Fight Between Hulk and Superman?

One of the most enduring questions in comic fandom is who would emerge victorious in a battle between DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Incredible Hulk.

Both characters possess immense strength and durability, putting them at the top of their respective universes. While the two have clashed in a few official crossovers, the ultimate winner is still hotly debated.

What Are Superman’s Powers and Abilities?

Superman, the flagship character of DC Comics, has a vast array of superpowers:

  • Incredible super strength, able to lift billions of tons
  • Near invulnerability to physical damage
  • Super speed, both in movement and reaction times
  • Flight
  • Heat vision
  • Freezing breath
  • Enhanced senses including X-ray vision

His powers are fueled by Earth’s yellow sun. Superman’s only major weaknesses are Kryptonite and magic. He is considered one of the most powerful heroes in comics.

How Strong is the Hulk?

The Hulk is often called “the strongest one there is” in the Marvel universe. His strength comes from his anger – the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. There is no established upper limit to his strength.

Some of the Hulk’s strength feats include holding tectonic plates together, throwing mountains, and matching cosmic entities like the Silver Surfer in raw power.

Like Superman, he has immense durability and a healing factor that makes him nearly impossible to kill.

When Have Superman and the Hulk Fought in the Comics?

The two powerhouses have officially battled a couple of times in Marvel/DC crossover comics:

  • In the 1996 Marvel vs DC miniseries, Superman defeated the “Professor Hulk” persona with a knockout punch. However, this outcome was determined by a fan vote.
  • In the 1999 one-shot comic The Incredible Hulk vs Superman, the Man of Steel overpowered the Savage Hulk incarnation, but their fight was interrupted before a definitive winner.

There have also been a few homages and parodies to a Superman/Hulk fight, like in a 1968 Not Brand Echh story. But the two have never had a conclusive battle in canon.

How Would a Fight Between Them Play Out?

Based on their power sets, a fight could go either way depending on the circumstances. Superman has a big advantage in speed, enabling him to land many punches before Hulk could react. He could also use flight and heat vision to attack from a distance.

However, if Superman doesn’t quickly take out the Hulk, the gap in their strength would rapidly close as Hulk’s anger increases.

An enraged Hulk could match or even surpass Superman’s strength and invulnerability. It would then come down to whether the Hulk could land a decisive blow or if Superman’s superior speed and additional powers would allow him to triumph.

Many experts believe Superman’s other abilities beyond strength give him an advantage. But the Hulk’s unlimited strength potential means he can never be counted out.

Ultimately, the winner would likely be determined by which character landed the first major attack.

Comparison of Hulk and Superman’s Abilities

Ability Hulk Superman
Strength Unlimited potential based on anger Consistently high, but with limits
Speed Superhuman, but not on Superman’s level One of the fastest characters in DC
Durability Extremely high, heals from virtually any damage Near-invulnerable
Other Powers Regeneration, some psychic resistance Flight, heat vision, super senses, etc
Weaknesses Loses power if anger fades Kryptonite, magic

The Bottom Line: Who Wins?

There is no definitive answer, as the victor would depend on the specific circumstances of the battle and which versions of the characters are fighting.

But in most scenarios, Superman’s superior speed, wider power set, and battle tactics would likely allow him to defeat the Hulk more often than not, provided he avoids prolonging the fight and allowing the Hulk’s strength to increase too much.

The majority of comic creators and fans give Superman the overall edge. But the Hulk’s unlimited strength means an outright win for the Man of Steel is never guaranteed. It remains one of the most famous dream battles in comic book history.