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How Does Rick Die in the Walking Dead Comics?

Walking Dead comics

Walking Dead comics

The Walking Dead comics, created by Robert Kirkman, followed Rick Grimes’ journey through the zombie apocalypse for over 15 years and 193 issues. As the main protagonist, Rick quickly became the leader of a small group of survivors trying to navigate the dangerous new walker-filled world.

Throughout the comics, he struggles to maintain his morality and humanity in the face of horrendous circumstances. His shocking death near the conclusion of the long-running comic book series in issue #192 surprised and upset many fans who had been engrossed in Rick’s story for over a decade.

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Who Kills Rick Grimes?

Rick met his demise abruptly at the hands of Sebastian Milton, the troubled and villainous son of Pamela Milton, a leader in the Commonwealth community. This community of 50,000 survivors was seen as a hopeful symbol of rebuilding civilization.

However, Rick soon realized the dark underbelly of the community. Sebastian was portrayed as a spoiled, sociopathic brat who didn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the zombie outbreak and the collapse of civilization.

He had several tense clashes with Rick leading up to the fateful moment when he shot and killed Rick without warning while talking to him alone in the town square.

How Does Rick Die in the Walking Dead Comics?

The suddenness and meaninglessness of Rick’s death underscored the random, unforgiving danger that the characters face constantly in The Walking Dead world. No one, not even the protagonist at the heart of the story over 16 years, was safe. The abruptness parallels how quickly death can come for anyone in this post-apocalyptic world.

Character Cause of Death
Rick Grimes Shot by Sebastian

Rick’s death occurred while he was alone and vulnerable, talking to Sebastian in an empty courtyard. Sebastian pulled out a gun and shot Rick in the chest without giving him a chance to react or fight back. Rick bled out quickly as Sebastian walked away uncaringly.

This preventable and pointless killing demonstrated how the cycle of violence had corrupted many people just trying to survive in their new reality.

What Was the Fan Reaction?

For long-time readers who had followed Rick’s journey since 2003, his abrupt death packed an emotional punch. Some questioned whether the creative team should have killed off such a central character that fans had grown deeply invested in.

But Rick’s death set the stage for new character arcs and storylines involving the power struggle in the aftermath of Rick’s murder. His death reinforced that in this world, no one could rest assured of their continued survival, no matter how beloved.

What Was Rick Grimes’ Legacy?

Overall, Rick Grimes left a profound legacy on the world of The Walking Dead. As a complex and morally conflicted leader guiding others through unimaginable horrors, Rick was a fan favorite even before the hit TV adaptation premiered in 2010.

His shocking demise near the end of the comic run got people talking and underscored the grim nature of a world where little is certain besides death itself. For all of Rick’s struggles to maintain his humanity and protect others, his story ended in tragedy, reinforcing the precarious and finite nature of life in The Walking Dead universe.


Rick’s sudden and ironic death shows that no one is safe in the world of The Walking Dead and sets the stage for new story arcs in the aftermath of his murder. He left a lasting impact as one of the most pivotal and iconic characters in the Walking Dead universe across mediums.

Rick’s sudden death marked a major turning point in the Walking Dead comic storyline and set in motion many of the events that would ultimately lead to the series concluding just 25 issues later.