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How Does Ant-Man Die in the Comics?

How Does Ant-Man Die

How Does Ant-Man DieAnt-Man is the superhero persona of several characters in Marvel comics, most notably Hank Pym and Scott Lang. Both Pym and Lang derive size-changing and insect-controlling abilities from technology developed by Pym called Pym Particles.

Over the years, Ant-Man has died or seemingly died several times across Marvel’s comic book universe filled with complex storylines and dramatic character arcs that keep readers guessing about the fates of their favorite heroes.

Does Hank Pym Die as Ant-Man?

Hank Pym debuted as Ant-Man in 1962’s “Tales to Astonish” #35, ushering in a new era of shrinking superheroes with uncanny abilities. He would later take on other superhero mantles like Giant-Man and Yellowjacket while still using his core Ant-Man powers that set him apart from other heroes. Over his long comic history, Hank has had many brushes with death.

Suicide Attempt

In 1981’s “Avengers” #213, Hank attempts suicide using his Ant-Man helmet technology after suffering a devastating mental breakdown that challenged his long-term viability as a hero.

However, Janet van Dyne (the Wasp) stops him just in time from dying by suicide, leading to Hank taking an extended break from superheroics to fully address his underlying mental health issues.

Death in Avengers Disassembled

In 2004’s infamous “Avengers Disassembled” #500-503 arc, an insane Scarlet Witch viciously kills Ant-Man along with other prominent Avengers like Hawkeye and Vision in a brutal fashion, shocking readers.

However, this death was eventually erased in 2005’s overarching “House of M” event when the Scarlet Witch alters the fabric of reality itself, bringing Hank back to life.

So while Hank Pym has nearly died by both suicide and murder and even seemingly died at times during his complex 60+ year publication history, he has managed to narrowly cheat death again and again. Today he remains alive in the main Marvel Universe, ready for more adventures.

Does Scott Lang Die as Ant-Man?

Scott Lang first appeared as the second Ant-Man in 1979’s “Marvel Premiere” #47, establishing himself as a reformed thief taking on the mantle. He would temporarily replace Hank Pym as Ant-Man on several high-profile occasions before taking over the role full-time in the 2000s. Over the years, Scott built deep connections with fans as both Ant-Man and in his civilian identity.

Death by Jack O’Lantern

In 2010’s “The Avengers: The Initiative” #35, Scott Lang is killed in a sudden, unexpected explosion triggered by the vicious villain Jack O’Lantern. This sent shockwaves through the Marvel universe. However, Lang’s quick-thinking daughter Cassie ends up traveling back in time and preventing her father’s death from occurring in an emotional story applauded by fans.

So while Scott Lang has also nearly met his end prematurely as Ant-Man, timeline manipulation by his beloved daughter allowed the fan-favorite character to avoid his destined death in the comics against all odds, keeping his stories alive.

Final Fate

As of February 2024, both legacy Ant-Man characters Hank Pym and Scott Lang remain alive and active in Marvel’s comic book continuity after overcoming threats from within and without. While they’ve both had multiple brushes with death over their long careers, the ingenious insect-themed size-changing heroes continue to thrive as part of the Avengers due to intelligence, technology, and perseverance.

So in summary:

  • Hank Pym has repeatedly narrowly escaped death by suicide and murder over 60+ years as a hero.
  • Scott Lang was killed but brought back thanks to timeline changes by his daughter Cassie Lang.
  • Both classic and modern Ant-Men remain alive today against all odds, ready for more adventures.

It remains to be seen whether the eventual permanent deaths of these two fan-favorite Ant-Men will occur down the line someday. For now, their ability to adapt and survive keeps readers thrilled as they continue having death-defying adventures for years to come across Marvel’s ever-expanding comic landscape.