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Funko Frenzy: 10 Must-Have SDCC 2024 Exclusives You Can’t Miss!

10 Must-Have SDCC 2024 Exclusives You Can't Miss!

What’s New at Funkoville for SDCC 2024?

Funko is set to make a splash at San Diego Comic-Con 2024 with its expansive Funkoville section at booth #5341. This year, attendees will embark on a journey through Funkoville Airport, promising an immersive experience for Pop! enthusiasts. The mega-sized exhibit floor is designed to captivate fans with its innovative layout and exclusive offerings.

Which Funko Exclusives Are Creating the Most Buzz?

Batman/Superman Fusion Pop!: A Superhero Mashup

One of the most anticipated exclusives is the Batman/Superman Fusion Pop! vinyl figure. Standing at 4.55 inches tall, this unique collectible showcases the combined powers of DC’s most iconic heroes. Priced at $14.99, it’s a must-have for fans of the World’s Finest duo.

Anime Favorites: Demon Slayer and More

Anime lovers won’t be disappointed with the Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho exclusive. While details are limited, this Pop! is expected to be a hot item among fans of the popular series.

Disney Delights: From Doorables to Plush Sets

Disney collectors have plenty to look forward to:

  • Disney Doorables Gold Collector Peek ($11.99): A surprise pack featuring one of 10 possible golden pairs from beloved Disney and Pixar stories.
  • Disney Gravity Falls 4 Piece 6″ Plush Set ($59.99): Featuring Mabel, Dipper, Waddles, and Bill Cipher.
  • Disney Doorables 8 Piece Flocked Stitch Collection ($29.99): A set of 1.5″ figurines inspired by Lilo & Stitch, with flocked finish and glittery eyes.

Marvel Mania: Trading Cards and More

Marvel fans can look forward to the Funko Pop Marvel Trading Card 24 count Factory Sealed Box, priced at $99.99. This exclusive item combines the popularity of Funko Pops with the nostalgia of trading cards.

How Can Fans Secure These Exclusive Items?

Funko is participating in the Comic-Con Exclusives Portal lottery, opening on July 9, 2024. However, walk-up purchases may be available towards the end of each day or when lines are shorter. New inventory is restocked daily, giving attendees multiple chances to snag their desired exclusives.

What Other Collectibles Are Available at SDCC 2024?

Limited Edition Pop Art Animation Cels

Fans of classic animation can look forward to a series of Limited Edition Pop Art Animation Cels, each priced at $24.99:

  • Batman The Animated Series “Joker & Harley Quinn”
  • Batman The Animated Series “Classic Batman”
  • Batman The Animated Series “Graffiti Batman”
  • Scooby Doo
  • Power Puff Girls

Chainsaw Man Enamel Pin Sets

For Chainsaw Man enthusiasts, two exclusive enamel pin sets are available, each priced at $14.99 and limited to 500 pieces:

  • Chainsaw Man Power With Hammer Linked Enamel 2 Piece Pin Set
  • Chainsaw Man Denji and Power 2 Piece Pin Set

What’s Happening at the 7 Bucks a Pop Booth?

Located at Booth #4945, 7 Bucks a Pop (7BAP) is offering exclusive signings and Funko Pops. Notable guests include:

  • Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
  • Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Marty Grabstein (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Signing prices vary, with autographs ranging from $60 to $135 and selfies from $40 to $60. VIP packages are available starting at $295, offering line-jumping privileges and additional perks.

How Does SDCC 2024 Compare to Previous Years?

While the full extent of Funko’s offerings is yet to be officially announced, the leaked list and confirmed exclusives suggest a diverse range of collectibles catering to various fandoms.

The expansion of Funkoville and the inclusion of high-profile signings indicate that Funko is aiming to create an even more engaging experience for attendees compared to previous years.

What Should Collectors Keep in Mind?

  1. Plan ahead: With the lottery system in place, strategize your approach to secure desired exclusives.
  2. Stay informed: Keep an eye out for official announcements from Funko for complete details.
  3. Be flexible: With daily restocks, don’t lose hope if an item sells out initially.
  4. Budget wisely: Prices range from affordable ($11.99) to premium ($99.99), so plan your purchases accordingly.

Conclusion: Is SDCC 2024 a Must-Attend for Funko Fans?

San Diego Comic-Con 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting event for Funko collectors. With a wide array of exclusives spanning popular franchises, unique collaborations, and the immersive Funkoville experience, SDCC 2024 offers something for every Pop! enthusiast.

Whether you’re after superhero fusions, anime favorites, or classic animation collectibles, this year’s convention promises to be a treasure trove for Funko fans.