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does allen the alien die in the comics?

does allen the alien die in the comics

does allen the alien die in the comics

Allen the Alien has become a well-liked character throughout the long-running Invincible comic series. First appearing unexpectedly in issue #13, Allen goes on to play an integral role in many of the critically acclaimed series’ most famous story arcs that define the overarching plot.

Given the many extremely dangerous situations Allen unwillingly faces battling alongside the prominent series’ central heroes, readers have frequently wondered about the definitive outcome of his questionable fate. Does the unusually brave Allen pass away at some point during the iconic Image Comics series?

What Kind of Alien is Allen and What Are His Powers?

Allen hails from the distant planet Unopa and is a member of the obscure Unopan warrior race. He was purposely genetically engineered to be an extraordinarily powerful fighter to have a chance at battling the mighty Viltrumite invaders who violently conquered his homeworld. As a direct result of this, Allen possesses fantastic strength, speed, stamina, and close combat prowess even as an adolescent.

Additionally, Allen demonstrates an extraordinarily unique supernatural ability to successfully adapt to new threats and environments, growing noticeably stronger after each intense conflict he manages to endure. This makes him become a truly formidable foe over time, with nearly unlimited growth potential.

Allen’s Early Adventures on Earth

After barely escaping his enslaved home planet, Allen embarks on a long journey before finally making his way to Earth where he coincidentally meets Mark Grayson and the amateur Teen Team superhero group.

Though initially suspected of being a Viltrumite spy by some, Allen soon proves himself to be a trusted and valuable ally. He eagerly aids Grayson, the unprepared Teen Team, and other fledgling heroes in intensely battling various malicious villains including the dangerous Lizard League, perilous Mauler Twins, and nearly unstoppable Doc Seismic.

Does Allen come close to death in any of these early high-stakes battles?

While Allen contributes immensely to many hard-fought victories, he cleverly manages to avoid any truly grave life-threatening injuries himself during this relatively peaceful period of training. However, the true tests of his impressive resilience have yet to come.

The Viltrumite War

When the Viltrumites unexpectedly invade Earth en masse without warning, a surprised Allen joins the desperate coalition of outmatched heroes making a last stand for the very fate of the vulnerable planet. During the massive war, he helps remarkably turn the tide in several game-changing battles but also comes closer to death than ever before in his young life.

How many times does Allen nearly die?

For the unpredictably brutal war, Allen has multiple extremely close brushes with sudden death:

Conflict Injury
Initial invasion Crushed under heavy falling debris (survives and adapts to become stronger)
Fight with Thragg Impaled through the chest (recovers from grievous injury)
Battle with Conquest Arm broken (fights on and arm repairs over time)

Does Allen die at any point?

Despite these unexpected harrowing brushes with imminent death, Allen remarkably manages to barely cling to life and fight on thanks to his advanced adaptive abilities. While it often seems he cannot possibly survive his incurred injuries, his Unopan physiology allows him to slowly heal from nearly fatal critical wounds over time.

Allen’s Status After the War

Following the horrific Viltrumite War’s conclusion, Allen’s courageous efforts lead him to rightfully become an instrumental respected leader critical to the difficult aftermath rebuilding process.

He helps free many worlds previously ruthlessly enslaved by the Viltrumite empire and successfully begins reforming Viltrumite culture into a force for justice rather than totalitarian conquest.

What is Allen’s ultimate fate by the emotional series conclusion?

In the final climactic Invincible issue #144, Allen is still alive and thriving as a strong ally and universally respected leader among humans and Viltrumites alike. After surviving the brutal war and many earlier perils against all odds, he lives on with no foreshadowing or indication of imminent demise anytime soon.

Why do Fans connect with Allen?

Beyond simply extraordinarily dodging death, there are key reasons Allen the Alien remains a beloved fan-favorite character through Invincible’s conclusion:

  • Underdog Appeal: His undying spirit and absolute refusal to ever quit despite lacking actual superpowers make for an inspiring underdog tale.
  • Character Growth: Allen grows exponentially in both maturity and power throughout the series.
  • Resilience: Allen represents the incredible, nearly unparalleled resilience of the human/Unopan warrior spirit.


To summarize, Allen the Alien confronts nearly insurmountable immense life-threatening danger on various high-stakes occasions throughout the Invincible comic series.

However, thanks to his advanced adaptive abilities, he manages to barely survive each extremely close brush with sudden death and fights on in the climax as a crucial pillar of strength for humans and Viltrumites alike.

While his ultimate fate often seems certainly sealed, Allen remarkably prevails against all odds time and time again, earning his reputation as a truly unstoppable fan-favorite character.