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Comic-Con 2024: Diamond’s Dazzling Array of Exclusive Collectibles

Diamond's Dazzling Array of Exclusive Collectibles

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2024 is just around the corner, and collectors are buzzing with excitement over the exclusive offerings from Diamond PREVIEWS, Diamond Select Toys, and Gentle Giant LTD.

This year’s lineup promises an impressive array of comics, toys, and collectibles that will have fans clamoring to get their hands on these limited-edition treasures.

What Makes SDCC Exclusives So Special?

Comic-Con exclusives are highly sought-after items that are only available during the convention or in limited quantities afterward. These unique collectibles often feature special designs, variants, or packaging that set them apart from regular releases. For many fans, acquiring these exclusives is a highlight of the Comic-Con experience.

Which Marvel Characters Are Taking Center Stage?

Wolverine and Deadpool: A Dynamic Duo

Two of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes are getting the spotlight treatment with exclusive D-Stage statues:

  • Wolverine D-Stage PX Statue: Limited to 2000 pieces, this statue showcases Wolverine in his iconic blue and yellow costume, ready for battle.
  • Deadpool D-Stage PX Statue: Also limited to 2000 pieces, this figure captures Deadpool’s chaotic energy as he escapes an explosion.

Both statues feature comic-style backdrops and Marvel Comics logo bases, making them perfect display pieces for any Marvel fan’s collection.

Jeff the Land Shark: An Unexpected Star

In a delightful surprise, Jeff the Land Shark from the Deadpool comics is getting his own exclusive:

  • Scuba Jeff Land Shark 8-inch PX Kuricha Plush: This adorable plush brings the fan-favorite character to life in a unique scuba-diving outfit.

How Are DC Heroes Represented in the Exclusives?

Diamond is bringing two iconic DC characters to life with stunning black and white statues:

  • Batman B&W PX PVC 1/8 Statue: Inspired by Neal Adams’ artwork, this 11-inch statue captures the Dark Knight in dramatic, comic-book style.
  • Superman B&W PX PVC 1/8 Statue: Standing 12 inches tall, this statue recreates a classic John Byrne pose from the “Man of Steel” mini-series.

Both statues are meticulously crafted from PVC and ABS materials, presented in collector-friendly window boxes.

What Comic Book Exclusives Can Fans Expect?

Power Rangers Fans, Rejoice!

The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series gets a special exclusive variant:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #122 PX Variant: Limited to 600 pieces, this variant cover by Bon Bernardo leads into the series’ finale.

Shi’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

Billy Tucci’s “Shi” gets a special black and white edition:

  • Shi #1 WOTW PX 30th Anniversary B&W Edition: Limited to 500 pieces, this variant celebrates three decades of the beloved character.

Are There Any Unexpected Surprises in the Lineup?

One of the more unique offerings this year is:

  • Pop Premium DC Heroes Kite Man PX Vinyl Figure: This figure brings the often-overlooked Batman villain to life in Pop! style.

How Can Fans Acquire These Exclusives?

While some exclusives will be available at the Diamond PREVIEWS and FandomWorld Booth #2401 during SDCC, many items can also be pre-ordered through local comic book shops. Fans are encouraged to check with their favorite retailers for availability and ordering information.

What Should Collectors Keep in Mind?

When pursuing SDCC exclusives, remember:

  1. Quantities are limited, so act fast
  2. Some items may be available online after the convention
  3. Prices may vary between retailers
  4. Condition is key for maintaining value

Conclusion: A Treasure Trove for Collectors

The 2024 SDCC exclusives from Diamond PREVIEWS, Diamond Select Toys, and Gentle Giant LTD offer something for every type of collector. From iconic superheroes to unexpected fan favorites, this year’s lineup showcases the diversity and excitement that make Comic-Con a must-attend event for pop culture enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, a DC devotee, or simply love unique collectibles, these exclusives are sure to be the crown jewels of any collection. As SDCC 2024 approaches, keep an eye out for more announcements and prepare to add these limited-edition treasures to your wish list.