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best blade comics

blade comics
blade comics
Blade, known as the “Daywalker” in comic circles, has been staking vampires in Marvel comics since his first appearance in 1973’s The Tomb of Dracula #10. As a half-vampire, half-human, Blade has all the strengths of an undead bloodsucker, with none of their weaknesses except the thirst. Armed with an arsenal of blades, stakes, and guns, Blade devotes his eternal life to hunting down creatures of the night.
Over nearly 50 years of publication history across multiple titles from Marvel, Blade has amassed some incredibly memorable and influential story arcs befitting his fierce persona.Blade first appeared in the 10th issue of The Tomb of Dracula in 1973. In that issue, Blade teamed up with Quincy Harker, Rachel van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Taj Nital to take down Dracula.

Since then, he has gone on to star in many memorable comics showcasing his skills as a vampire hunter. With his half-vampire physiology granting him superhuman strength, speed, agility and senses, along with an extensive arsenal, Blade is a formidable foe for any creature of the night.

Nightstalkers Era

When Blade joined forces with other monster hunters Hannibal King and Frank Drake in the early 90s to form the Nightstalkers, the comics took a turn towards more serialized, character driven stories. Their business? Kicking evil supernatural butt for cash. Nightstalkers ran for 18 issues from 1992–1994, with Blade taking center stage in memorable battles against Hydra’s DOA division, Stonecold, and the Darkhold Redeemers.

The dynamic between Blade, King, and Drake kept the stories fresh as they battled a variety of occult threats.The Nightstalkers era saw Blade become part of a team for the first time. Alongside vampire hunter Hannibal King and descendant of Dracula Frank Drake, they formed a group focused on tackling occult threats.

Their team dynamic led to some great storytelling over the 18 issue run of Nightstalkers. Some of Blade’s most memorable battles came against the likes of Hydra’s supernatural DOA team, the icy mercenary Stonecold, and the Darkhold Redeemers. Seeing Blade clash both physically and philosophically with his teammates kept the stories exciting.

Blade: The Vampire Hunter

No list of the best Blade comics would be complete without mentioning his first ever solo ongoing series in 1994, Blade: The Vampire Hunter. Lasting 10 issues, the series saw Blade settle in England, where he took on vampires including Dracula and the vampire lord Varnae. He also found himself in the middle of a growing conflict between Mephisto and the angel Angela.

Blade’s first ever solo series gave him a chance to shine on his own, without needing to share the spotlight. The 10 issue series, titled Blade: The Vampire Hunter, ran from 1994-1995. It depicted Blade settling down in the UK, where he battled both local threats like Dracula and the elder vampire Varnae, along with getting caught up in a brewing war between Mephisto and the angelic warrior Angela.

Although it was short-lived, the series let readers really see what Blade was capable of when focused solely on his core mission of hunting creatures of the night.

Comic Series Number of Issues
The Tomb of Dracula 70 issues
Nightstalkers 18 issues
Blade: The Vampire Hunter 10 issues
Blade Vol 3 12 issues

Captain Kronos Team Up

A bit of an oddity, 2011 saw Blade briefly team up with the titular time traveling vampire hunter from the cult classic 1974 Hammer horror film Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter in a two issue miniseries. After a strange amulet transports Kronos into the Marvel universe, he crosses paths with Blade.

Seeing the two legendary vampire hunters team up to take on the threats of the macabre makes for a fun story. The miniseries has Blade and Kronos working to stop the vampire sorceress Alyssa from raising an undead army. It’s an off the wall team up that works to delightful effect thanks to the story from Paul Cornell and art by Mirko Colak.

Mighty Avengers

Blade joined the Mighty Avengers for 33 issues from 2013 to 2014 after Luke Cage forms a new version of the superhero team. Serving alongside the Blue Marvel, Power Man, White Tiger, Spectrum, Spider Hero, She-Hulk, and the Superior Spider-Man, Blade acts as the team’s expert on supernatural threats.

The stories see Blade come into conflict with old foes like Dracula’s brother Victor, while also introducing him to new teammates and dynamics. It showed Blade as a true team player in the Marvel universe.


For over 40 years, Blade has been one of Marvel’s most thrilling occult antiheroes. Whether he’s flying solo or teaming up with other hunters, Blade always delivers compelling stories full of vampire hunting action.

No matter the creative team behind them, the best Blade comics feature the vampire hunter living up to his nickname as the “Daywalker” by never resting in his quest to protect the world from the undead.Blade stands out among the many heroes and antiheroes of the Marvel universe.

Despite lacking the name recognition of an Avengers or X-Men, Blade’s comics consistently provide thrilling stories of action and horror. For over four decades and across multiple series, Blade has cemented himself as the ultimate vampire hunter. His dedication to his mission and the creative ways he tackles each new threat make any comic featuring the Daywalker worth reading for fans of the macabre.